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I am a mom to 3 humans; a daughter and twin boys. I am also a cat mom to two super cuddly cats. I am an observer, a traveler, a creator, fiercely independent, and spontaneous.

I am a fine art photographer driven by emotion and the desire to tell a story.



2020 Project 52: 5/52

Copy and pasted from Candace Castor Photography

I have a slight obsession with definitions. However, by knowing me, you’d understand that I thrive on the deeper meaning of things so sharing definitions isn’t too far fetched.


/ˈdəbəl ikˈspōZHər,ekˈspōZHər/
  • the repeated exposure of a photographic plate or film to light, often producing ghost images.
    “The transparency of the two characters is a result of double exposure”
 They can be created in-camera or in photoshop. I have tried to create them in-camera a few different times and haven’t cared too much for the outcome.
Creating them in photoshop is much different as I have much more control over where the images line up and how they blend. I like being in control.

I view double exposures as I do myself – with multiple layers. Double exposures can include as many different images as you wish, most being 2-3 different images. I have only started with the blending of two images.
This does not mean I only have two layers. I have multiple. I’m more like an onion. 😉

I have a lot of layers.
Nobody takes the time to peel back these layers.
I am more than a pretty face.
I am a person.
A person with REAL feelings.

Pulled from ‘the journey‘ from my portfolio website:
  • I am emotional.
  • I am quiet and reserved.
  • I am an over-thinker.
  • I am introverted.
  • I feel deep.
  • I fall hard.
  • And I am extremely guarded.
  • I have strong emotions.
  • I am an observer.
  • I was born to stand out.
  • I have a strong personality; I am not for the weak but I am in no way in the wrong for it.
  • I am worth it.
  • I love so deep.
  • I am me, and I am amazing.


A thing that has a branching structure resembling that of a tree.

I am made up of many internal branches.
Some visible.
Some invisible.
However, all are available to those who do not linger at the surface.


?pp route=%2Fimage resize&path=%3D%3DwZwpmLkVGbhN2ctcjM2IzQTR0L0N3bw1iM2YTNtUDMvIDMvAjMwIjf&width=768 - 2020 PROJECT 52: 5/52



• A large natural elevation of the earth’s surface rising abruptly from the surrounding level; a large steep hill.

I’m always rising.

?pp route=%2Fimage resize&path=%3D%3DwZwpmLkVGbhN2ctkjM2IzQTR0L0N3bw1iM2YTNtUDMvIDMvAjMwIjf&width=768 - 2020 PROJECT 52: 5/52?pp route=%2Fimage resize&path=%3D%3DwZwpmLkVGbhN2ctUDM2IzQTR0L0N3bw1iM2YTNtUDMvIDMvAjMwIjf&width=768 - 2020 PROJECT 52: 5/52?pp route=%2Fimage resize&path=%3D%3DwZwpmLkVGbhN2ctUTM2IzQTR0L0N3bw1iM2YTNtUDMvIDMvAjMwIjf&width=768 - 2020 PROJECT 52: 5/52?pp route=%2Fimage resize&path=%3D%3DwZwpmLkVGbhN2ctMDM2IzQTR0L0N3bw1iM2YTNtUDMvIDMvAjMwIjf&width=768 - 2020 PROJECT 52: 5/52?pp route=%2Fimage resize&path=%3D%3DwZwpmLkVGbhN2ctgjM2IzQTR0L0N3bw1iM2YTNtUDMvIDMvAjMwIjf&width=768 - 2020 PROJECT 52: 5/52?pp route=%2Fimage resize&path=%3D%3DwZwpmLkVGbhN2ctAjM2IzQTR0L0N3bw1iM2YTNtUDMvIDMvAjMwIjf&width=768 - 2020 PROJECT 52: 5/52?pp route=%2Fimage resize&path=%3D%3DwZwpmLkVGbhN2ctIjM2IzQTR0L0N3bw1iM2YTNtUDMvIDMvAjMwIjf&width=768 - 2020 PROJECT 52: 5/52?pp route=%2Fimage resize&path=%3D%3DwZwpmLkVGbhN2ctAzM2IzQTR0L0N3bw1iM2YTNtUDMvIDMvAjMwIjf&width=768 - 2020 PROJECT 52: 5/52?pp route=%2Fimage resize&path=%3D%3DwZwpmLkVGbhN2ctQjM2IzQTR0L0N3bw1iM2YTNtUDMvIDMvAjMwIjf&width=768 - 2020 PROJECT 52: 5/52?pp route=%2Fimage resize&path=%3D%3DwZwpmLkVGbhN2ctETM2IzQTR0L0N3bw1iM2YTNtUDMvIDMvAjMwIjf&width=768 - 2020 PROJECT 52: 5/52?pp route=%2Fimage resize&path=%3D%3DwZwpmLkVGbhN2ctgDM2IzQTR0L0N3bw1iM2YTNtUDMvIDMvAjMwIjf&width=768 - 2020 PROJECT 52: 5/52

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I am drawn to emotional and intimate moments. I am an observer, a traveler, a creator, fiercely independent, and spontaneous.


I am an old soul that believes in chivalry, romance, and love.


In a constant state of Wanderlust: a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel the world.


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